Data and Information System Illinois: Daisi Online Help

Reporting - Error Check


The Error Check allows you to check the validity of program data and search for errors or warnings during the selected fiscal year.  To access the Error Check, select the Error Check option under the Reporting tab on the main navigation.


Error Check Page


Select the funding source (All, Restricted/ICCB Funds Onnly, or Unrestricted/Other restricted) and the activity level (All or 7.5 hours of attendance).  Next, select whether you want to display all errors and warnings, just errors, or just warnings.   Last, select if you want to sort the results by Student Name or by Class No.  Click on SUBMIT to process the error check.


A progress bar screen may appear while the system processes the error check on your program data.   Larger programs will see the progress bar more often than smaller programs due the volume of data to process.


Error Check Progress Bar


Any errors or warnings will be displayed for review and correction.  Errors must be corrected in order for the students (and associated units of instruction) to be included in the required reports.  Warnings should be corrected also, whenever possible, but do not necessarily exclude students from the required reports.


Error Check Results


There is an update link provided on the right for each error message.  Clicking the update link will take you to the appropriate area to correct the error. NOTE:  The update link opens a new browser window.  Once you complete the update, close the window to return to the error check results and resume correcting the next errors in the list.


When you are finished correcting errors, it is suggested that you re-run the error check to confirm the errors have been corrected.