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All programs are required to submit Enrollment Reports twice per year. The Enrollment Reports provide information about the number of students served and units generated in each instructional category by a specific funding source. These reports provide the overall total percentage generated by the funding source.


Programs are required to generate 40% of each restricted grant funding source (with the exception of State Performance) by midyear. Programs that do not generate at 40% in a funding source by midyear will have 3rd quarter payment of the non-generating funding source held. Once 40% is reached, the program must resubmit the appropriate report for funds from that funding source to be released.


At year-end, if 100% of a fund has not been generated, some funds must be returned to the ICCB.


The types of Enrollment Reports that can be generated include the following:

* 3405 – State Basic

* 3410 – State Public Assistance

* 4800 Federal Basic

* 4805 – Federal EL/Civics

4815 – State Performance

4900 – Unrestricted

4910 – Other Restricted


* Programs must submit Enrollment Reports for State Basic, State Public Assistance, Federal Basic and Federal EL/Civics (if applicable). DAISI allows for Enrollment Reports to be generated on other funding sources, but there is no submission requirement for these reports.

Submission Requirements

A signed original must be sent by mail to the ICCB on a quarterly basis (see the Reporting section of the DAISI Manual and the AEFL Provider Manual for further information). Due dates are as follows:


* January 30:       Quarter 2 - Includes July-December data


* July 30:             Quarter 4 - Includes July-June data


Students Included in the Enrollment Report

Students are included in an Enrollment Report based on the following:


* In Open-Entry Classes, have accrued at least 7.5 attendance hours in a class, prior to dropping.


* In Fixed-Entry classes, have been successfully retained through the mid-term date and have accrued at least 7.5 attendance hours in that class, prior to dropping.


* Must be free from all Errors identified via the DAISI Error Check.


All information included in the Enrollment Report is specific to the funding source selected to generate the Enrollment Report. For example, if 3405 - State Basic is generated, only the students and units of instruction associated with that funding source are included in that Enrollment Report. However, since students can be funded with different funding sources in different classes, the Enrollment Reports offers a duplicated student headcount. In other words, if a student is in ESL funded by 3405 – State Basic and in ESL funded by 4800 – Federal Basic, he counts once in each report, and the units from each class are divided between the reports accordingly.


In each Enrollment Report, a student is counted as follows:


* The student is counted only once if all types of instruction are of one instructional type. In other words, in a student takes 3 ESL classes, all funded by 4800, the student will be counted once in the 4800 report and the units from all 3 classes will be included under ESL.


* However, if the student is enrolled in more than one type of instruction (i.e. ESL and ABE), both funded by 4800, the student counts once in each column – ESL Instruction and Adult Basic Education. The units are then divided between the categories accordingly.


ICCB hard-codes the generation amounts into the system each year. The amounts calculated for the Enrollment Reports are based upon these generation rates (The generation amounts can be found in the DAISI system under the Funding Tab and in Fiscal Year Funding). The rates listed in that area determine the amount of money to be ‘generated’ for each unit of instruction by each instructional type. All ESL instruction generates at the ABE rate and all High School Credit Instruction generates at the ASE rate.


The funding requirement amount for the program is entered by the program and recorded in the Fiscal Year Funding area. It is extremely important to make sure these numbers are accurate. State Basic, State Public Assistance, Federal Basic and Federal EL/Civics require that a minimum of 45% of the budget be expended on instruction. In short, a minimum of 45% of the total amount received for each of these funding sources should be recorded in the Fiscal Year Funding area to ensure the Enrollment Reports calculate correctly.


Authorized Signature and Date

The Program Administrator must sign and date the required reports prior to submission.